Merry Christmas!

This Christmas season
it is important for me to express my appreciation to all of you who read my
devotional email each week. I consider it a privilege to share God’s Word each
week. You are amazing! Many of you are not members of the church but receive,
read and pass the emails on to others. Thank you! It is my prayer that God
encourages you through each email.

The final thought for
the year is one of the most profound thoughts from Scripture. There are four
words that arrest our attention and penetrate the core of our being. These four
words describe the true meaning of Christmas. “God is with us.”

"Behold, the virgin
shall be with child and bear a son,

and they shall name
him Emmanuel,"

which means "God is
with us."

Matthew 1:23

These four words have
changed history and can change us. “God is with us.” Wow!

For the single parent
struggling, God is with you.

For the marriage that
is wounded, God is with you.

To the businessperson
who is fearful, God is with you.

The teenage that is
unsure, God is with you.

The elderly person
who is feeling all alone, God is with you. 

These words came from
eternity and have the power to change everything.

God is with you!

Carl Toti

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