Miracles Happen in Steps

I was speaking to a certain individual this past week. He was really despondent over his current situation which, looking at it from the outside was bleak indeed. As he was bemoaning his predicament, which was real and devastating I said, "Miracles happen in steps." Which begs the question: "What's the next step God is telling you to take?" Do you have a missing step preventing a God-breakthrough for you?

In the miracle of the water turning to wine in John's Gospel chapter two there were required steps by the servants prior to the miracle occurring.

God is in the miracle business. Miracles are His specialty. Sometimes miracles are not discovered in what happens but what doesn't happen. How many miracles have happened in your life preventing misfortune that you are totally unaware of?

Take the next step in your path to miracles.

Just a thought,
Carl Toti

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