Stop I Want to Get Off

Growing up, have you ever been on an amusement park ride that pushed you over your personal edge of comfort into stark terror? I can remember a time as a little tike that I screamed to get off of a ride – to no avail, on at least two counts. First of all my voice wasn’t loud enough and secondly if anyone could hear me they didn’t care. With our current economy and what’s going on in our world does anyone feel like shouting “STOP I WANT TO GET OFF”? Well the good news is, all rides come to an end just hold on.

Some of you may be aware of a nationally known pastor who has been making dire predictions and sounding the alarm about a financial meltdown. I haven’t always agreed with this author but I have always respected him. He was right about the meltdown! Most recently he has made a prediction about the possible collapse of Mexico and the potential flood of immigrants into our country with Texas taking the biggest hit. Here’s what I feel. The President of Mexico Felipe Calderón is fighting a courageous war against the drug cartel. Should Mexico fall to the drug cartel we will be in for some very trying times. However, I believe good will be the outcome for the sake of the remnant church in Mexico. I am praying for God’s divine intervention on behalf of our fellow Believers throughout Mexico. On the home front – I believe matters will improve financially in spite of the current administration’s policies. The Bible teaches that just before the coming of Christ the world will be saying, “Peace and Safety then sudden destruction will come” (1 Thess. 5:3). There will be a temporary sense of peace and prosperity restored to our nation just prior to the coming of Christ. Having said that, we need to be prudent and calculated in all our financial decisions continuing to build, expand and invest or as Jesus said, “Occupy (do business) until I come” (Luke 19:13). God’s provision and blessing will be upon His people as it has always been even back in the times of the Hebrews in Egypt but please make sure you are walking in obedience to God’s Word especially in the area of your finances. This is not a time for fear but FAITH. God is in control.

Just a thought,
Carl Toti

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