Let It Go!

Today I want to talk about letting it go.

There was a child playing outside and he was upset and ran into the house frantically. His mother asked him what was wrong and the little boy said that the neighbor boy was teasing him and called him a bad name. The mother asked if he hurt him in any way or was injured. The boy responded he wasn’t hurt. Then the mother said, “Then let it go.” What advice!

Many things happen to us in life and we do the opposite. We hold on to it. Someone may cut us off in traffic and we can’t let it go. Maybe someone at work made a snide comment and we can’t let it go.  Maybe our spouse isn’t having a good day and maybe our words cross and instead of letting it go, we tend to hold on to it. Maybe your boss did or said something and instead of overlooking it, we hold on to it. The Bible says, “Great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them.” Ps 119:165.

We get offended so easily. Instead of letting it go, we hold on to it. How many of you guys have had your wife hold up a jersey that you use to wear back in high school or college and tells you that you have to let it go?  You tell her no and how long you’ve had it and it really doesn’t look that bad. Then she tells you how terrible it looks on you. There are things like that in our life, like that old jersey, that we just can’t seem to let go.

I’ve known people during football season whose favorite team is having a losing year, or their fantasy football team is flopping and it ruins their day. (Or two or three or their whole week!) They are down in the dumps until next week. Now, if you’re a player on that team, or the coach or the owner, I can see how it would affect you. But if you’re just a fan, are you kidding me? We have to learn how to let things go.

Here’s the thing that can hinder us if we’re not careful. If we hold on to something we should be letting go, then we aren’t letting “come” into our life (something God wants to bring into our life). Until you let go, you can’t let come. By holding on to the things we shouldn’t be holding on to, we are then not holding on to the things we should be holding on to.

I think the advice to take from this message is: do you have anything in your life right now that you are holding on to? Do you have a grudge or unresolved issues that would be better if you were to just let it go? Maybe you put in for that job promotion and it didn’t happen. Let it go. Maybe you were looking to start a new career and went through an interview process, and it didn’t happen. Alright. Learn whatever lesson you need to learn and just let it go.

I want to give you a quote from A.W. Tozer. “In the kingdom of God, the surest way to lose something is to try to protect it and the best way to keep it is to let it go.” That is powerful!  Sometimes it seems like a slogan that Christians use but “We got to let go and let God!” I think there’s a deep spiritual truth to that. I think there’s a time when we need to just let go of something and let God come in and work.

I hope this was of some use for you today. Maybe if something happens later in the day, you can think about it and tell yourself to just let it go and not let this fester inside of you. There are more important things that are happening in our lives than being put on pause because of something that occurred that we didn’t enjoy.

As always, if you are in the Lubbock area and don’t already have a home church, come to Trinity Church this weekend! One of the most important messages that I’ve ever preached is going to be this weekend. We are going to be talking about “Partial Victories – How to Avoid the Passivity Trap”.   Have an awesome rest of the day. Go out and win for Jesus. Remember, learn the lesson of Letting it Go.

God Bless!


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