It Takes Time!

The message today is titled “It Takes Time”. It’s time and it takes time. So what takes time?  Something that was on my heart over the last couple of weeks was thinking about two of my friends who both went through a very difficult time. One lost his marriage by way of death and the other lost his marriage by way of divorce. These two guys are strong men. They both love God, very talented, gifted, successful and they both went through a difficult time. I was up close and personal with the struggle they had in both cases. It almost took them out. They went as far down as you can get with depression and brokenness. It was an extremely difficult time for them. I prayed for them and did what I could do to encourage them. But as I watched, it was amazing to see what was about to transpire in their lives (after a few years).  That’s when it hit me – it takes time.

Both of these men are happily remarried. Their lives are flourishing, bearing fruit, experiencing success in every area of their lives.  So, it dawned on me – it takes time. Maybe you’re going through something right now. Often when we find our backs up against the “proverbial wall” so to speak, we don’t enjoy it.  Maybe a setback or tragedy happened in your life and it’s tough right now. You are going through a difficult time. I think God’s word to ALL of us is that “It takes time.”  Ecclesiastes 3:11 “God makes all things beautiful in its time.”  Everything becomes beautiful in its time. It takes time for something ugly to become beautiful or something bad to become good in our life.

As I was thinking about my two friends, I realized that it took a few difficult years, but they didn’t throw in the towel (I’m sure they felt like it more than once) with the help of loving support from others. People were praying for them. As they plowed through the difficult months of recovering, it was like “BOOM!” and things turned around after a 3-year cycle.

I’m here to encourage you. Never underestimate what God can do if you’ll be patient and give Him time to work in your situation. It does take time. I was thinking about how it takes time to heal from a wound. It takes time to rebound from a failure. It takes time to recover from an addiction. It takes time to work on and restore your marriage as opposed to just giving up on it. It takes time to bounce back from a setback.  It takes time to reap your harvest. The Bible talks about seed time and the harvest time.  You have to plow, plant and then wait. It takes time. Reaching your spiritual goals is not going to happen overnight. For those who are in a dating relationship, getting to know someone takes time. Don’t be in a rush. The Bible says that love is patient. I know we live in a culture where we want everything quick, upfront and right now.  We don’t like to wait. But again, the Bible says that everything becomes beautiful in its time. You are becoming beautiful in God’s timing. I’m not talking about outward beauty; I’m talking about inward beauty.

I was looking through some of my study notes with this Bible software I have and I’m able to plug a phrase into it. I searched for “it takes time” and out of the hundreds and hundreds of digital books in this software, over 200 instances were found. The majority of these instances related to holiness. If we want to become holy and more like Christ, then it’s going to take time. We should always take God’s word seriously, take our faith seriously, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. Lighten up! God loves you and is patient with you. That’s not an excuse to take it slow, but know that anything good in your life takes time.

I came across a quote from Benjamin Franklin “One today is worth two tomorrow.” The Bible says redeem the time because the days are evil. In other words, make the most of your time and every opportunity, and don’t waste time. Don’t waste time in unforgiveness, jealousy, envy, bitterness and living in the past. Today is the only time that you have. Use it well and invest it. Make the most of it. Don’t be discouraged because all things become beautiful in their time.

I hope you have an awesome rest of your day!

God Bless!


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