And Then Some

A successful business person was asked – “What is the secret to your success?” He responded, “And. Then. Some.”  Those are three important words that are significant in your life today.

Look at what you’re facing, the goals you are trying to reach, what might be happening in your life; there’s a principal of “And.Then.Some.” This means, in life, you have to give your best and then some. Jesus even taught this principal in the Gospels in His Sermon on the Mount. He said in Matt 5 “If someone asks you to go one mile with them, go the second mile.” We know that was in reference to being ruled by the Romans. A Roman soldier could grab any Jew and require them to carry that soldier’s pack for one mile. Jesus was saying that carrying that pack one mile is what you are obligated to do. But as a Christian, you should end up carrying it a second mile – something you aren’t required to do but you get to do.  The principal on the Mount is this – if you do the work required of you for that one mile, they own you; but if you go that second mile that isn’t required, you basically own them.

The Extra Mile Principal works in our jobs, our marriages, our relationships and our friendships. Your work requires you to go one mile – showing up on time or meeting that quota – but you should always be the person that goes the extra mile and then some. For those of you who are married, marriage has requirements and demands, but we should always give extra to our spouses and then some. Go the extra mile in your friendships and giving of yourself to others. We can go the extra mile when it comes to giving to the Lord and doing the Lord’s work.

There are so many areas in our lives that if we would give our very best and then some, we would begin to see astounding results taking place.  Many times we give just enough to get by. So many people are content to just get by in life. I hope you aren’t one of those individuals. I hope you give your very best and then some! I hope that you go the second mile.

What areas are you not even going the first mile? What areas are you doing what is required of you but you could be willing to go that second mile? When you do, that’s when you begin to experience God’s supernatural favoring. You begin to experience your own personal power in whom you are as a Christ follower when you become a “second mile person”.  When you do, you will begin to see some pretty outstanding changes in your life.

I want to challenge you to go out and give your very best and then some. Go out and be the winner Christ has called you to be!

God Bless!


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