Winners vs. Losers

“I always turn to the sports page first. The sports page records people’s accomplishments. The front page, nothing but man’s failures.” – Earl Warren.

One thing we love about sports is that there is a winner and there is a loser. I think one of the things we like about politics, as gruesome and cruel as it is, is that there will be a winner and a loser.  Tomorrow morning, all things being equal, we will wake up and there will be a winner in this election and there will be a loser.  If I can just be candid with everyone, either America is going to win or America is going to lose based on one of the two candidates that’s going to be elected. This is a serious moment.

We have one candidate who is 100% for abortion (the killing of innocent life in the mother’s womb). We need to take that to heart for those of us who call ourselves Christians. The other candidate is 100% pro-life. Whether he’s being honest or not, we can only wait and see. But, at least we know one is definitely for abortion all the way through the 3rd trimester, just before the baby is to be born. They approve abortion on demand with no restrictions or limitations. That’s unconscionable and we cannot stand for that.

I don’t endorse candidates as a pastor or as a public figure, but I’ll let all my friends, family and church family know that I voted for Trump. That doesn’t mean I’m endorsing him or that I support everything he says or believes. I believe America is going to be different tomorrow no matter who gets elected.  We have two roads we are going to go down and I hope it’s the right road.

I want to talk about winning and losing in your own life and in mine.  We aren’t running for public office, although some of you may be. But, we are all running for something, aren’t we?  We want to win in life. We want to win in our relationship with Christ. We want to win in our marriages. We want to win as parents. People in business want to win, as they compete with products or services. At the end of the day, we all want to stand in the winner’s circle.

Here is a quote I came across: “Winners find a way to make things work. Losers find excuses as to why they didn’t work.”  I hope we go through life not using excuses, but instead finding opportunities, seizing them and making the most of them.  Winning doesn’t come easy. If it did, everyone would be winning.  For those of us who are local sports fans, it’s been a tough season for our Texas Tech Red Raiders. It isn’t easy to get a win in Division 1 Football. For those of us who are Dallas Cowboy fans, winning is coming easy this year.  Seven in a row! That’s good.  But in life, we also want to win and help find ways to win.

Prov. 24:6 “Strategic planning is the key to warfare. To win, you need a lot of good counsel.” I think that’s a great word. God has really destined us to win. Some of you are competing against debt and you want to win. Some of you are competing against weight and have a goal to get healthier. You want to win against your opponent. Some may be competing to reclaim your integrity. You’re competing against your component of whatever that weakness may be or that sin that may be in your life. You want to win and know how to win. You can and fight the good fight. You can run the race to win as the Apostle Paul speaks about.

As I was thinking about being a winner, as in sports and politics – there are winners and losers. In most other areas of life, we don’t call it winning or losing; we tend to mix it all up. What we really know is that at the end of the day, it is whether we are winning or losing and I believe God wants us to win

It takes 3 things to be a winner:

  1. Attitude – You have to have a winner’s attitude that you belong where you are at and you are going to win. You will do everything in your power, leave it out on the field, but you’re going to win. (Kind of like the Cubs this year – they had a winner’s attitude).  You need to be like Christ and have a Christlike attitude that is positive and upbeat.
  2. Intentional Action – You need to be doing something and moving towards a goal. You need an intentional, determined and calculated action. Set goals for you to move towards and have a bias towards action.
  3. Accountability – Every great athlete has a coach and a system in place. You need a pastor, life coach, mentor or team around you that are willing to speak the hard truth into your life and can give you positive feedback. Winning teams or athletes have a system in place that holds them accountable so they can continue to improve.   I hope you go out and win! Even if you lose, it isn’t the end. Get back up and try again! Keep moving towards your goal for the high calling God has for you in Christ Jesus. I declare to everyone reading this – You ARE a Winner so keep on winning!

God Bless!



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