Success or Perfection?

Do you want perfection or do you want success? Sometimes people give up success because they are striving for perfection. Some people invest so much in a project or even a goal in their life and they end up wanting it to be perfect before it can be completed. Sometimes you have to choose – do you want perfection or success?

It is said that the closest someone gets to perfection is when they fill out an application or resume. In this life, there really isn’t anything that measures up to complete perfection. We know that all success has a measure of perfection. For example, if you’re a surgeon, you need to be flawless. You should be next to “perfect”. If you are an opera singer, you need to have a voice that is near perfect in order to make it big in that field. If you are an Olympic gymnast who’s competing for a gold medal, you have to perform near perfect. There is a measure of perfection in success.

I like what A.J. Gordon said, “I would rather aim at perfection and fall short than to aim at imperfection and fully attain it.” In our pursuit of being successful and succeeding in what God has called us to do, there is a striving for perfection, but not being a perfectionist. Life is about making mistakes and not faking perfection. No one is perfect. The only one who is perfect is Jesus. We know that. He perfected perfection. But we are not and we are going to make mistakes. The key is, what do you do with those mistakes? How do you learn from them and bounce back? You don’t have to be a perfect spouse to have a successful marriage. You don’t have to be a perfect parent to be successful at parenting. You don’t have to be a perfect friend to be successful at relationships. A lot of times, we are going after perfection.

Maybe some of you are single adults and maybe you are delaying marriage because you are looking for perfection. So that means you are not yet successful in that area of your life. Maybe you need to be a little more realistic. Maybe what you are looking for in someone else, you yourself should begin to perfect those qualities in your own life.

Do you want perfection or do you want success? Sometimes striving for perfection prevents us from experiencing success in different areas of our life. I heard someone say, “It doesn’t have to be perfect in order for God to bless it.” That’s the good thing about grace and serving God with all of your heart. It doesn’t have to be perfect in order for it to be blessed. God can take the imperfection of our lives and what we offer Him, and with His grace and mercy, He can still bless it.

So, be more realistic. Aim for perfection, knowing you’ll probably fall short, but it’s better to aim for it than not and then reach a lesser standard. Go out and be the best you can be. Strive to do everything that God has placed in your heart to accomplish this day, week or month. Keep in mind, there is a difference between perfection and success.

God Bless!


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