Me, Inc.

This is an important week for all Americans. We have a new president that is going to be inaugurated on Friday. We should always keep our leaders in prayer. The Bible says that God commands us to pray for all that are in authority, that we might lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. So, I want to tie into that thought of a new president coming into office. I think the question I was asking myself was “what is your platform if you were going to be inaugurated as the next president of the United States of America?”

I entitled this talk “Me, Inc.” At the end of the day, you’re not going to be president and you won’t be inaugurated this Friday, nor will I, but think about this – you are the President and CEO of your own life. God gave us a brand new year. It’s 2017 and he has given us autonomy and the free will to make decisions. As the President and CEO under God, because He is the one that has elected you, what are the changes you are going to make in your own life, family, marriage or business?

For example, here are some things that were important to Americans during this election cycle (it’s pretty much the same as every election) –

The Economy – what is his economic plan? So, what is your position concerning your personal economy? Your own home and finances? In 2017 are we going to entrust our finances to the Lord? Are we going to invite God to be a part of the financial decisions that we make? Are we going to apply Godly wisdom to our finances? You are the president and CEO of your life. God has made you a steward of His resources. What is your economic plan in 2017? Are you going to continue to move towards being debt free? Are you going to bring a balanced budget to your own personal life? Imagine how difficult that is to apply Biblical principles to your own life, let alone to a public organization or department or the entire nation?!

Healthcare – Where do you stand on this issue pertaining to your life? Will you make healthier decisions concerning your diet, exercise, and understanding that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit? Will you realize you are a steward of this body? The real you isn’t your body. As Paul said: we are a spirit, we are a soul living in the body. What are some of the decisions you are going to make related to your health?

Terrorism – This includes defending our homeland, security, making us feel safe. What is your position on the attacks of the enemy? There is a real enemy out there. The devil, or Satan, is real. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. Let’s not think that the enemy isn’t planning against you and the people you love in 2017. He wants to sabotage the good things God has in store for us. So what’s your policy? How are you going to defend yourself, your home and your relationships? As Apostle Paul said, we can’t be ignorant of Satan’s devices. Where do you stand on a terrorism policy?

Education – If you were President, what would be your education policy? Instead, let’s talk about you and your life. What is your policy regarding education – your own personal education and personal growth? How are you going to become better at what you do? Maybe you’re a student so your whole life is consumed with studying and you can’t wait until you graduate. But, in life, we never stop learning or growing. There is always something more that we can learn or  improve. So, when it comes to education, what are your goals for 2017? What books do you want to read? What classes do you want to attend? If your business provides ongoing training, are you going to take advantage of that? How are you going to try and challenge yourself in the area of your own personal growth?

Immigration – Every nation has to have borders. Borders are what define one country from another country, one state from another state, one municipality from another municipality. Borders are important. What are some borders in our own lives where we have boundaries? We need boundaries in our relationships. We have some walls that we might need to erect. Not all walls are good. Racial walls need to come down. Walls of division need to come down. The Bible says that a city without a wall is defenseless. We need some walls or barriers around our mind, around our thoughts, around what we choose to view, see and accept into our lives. Not every alien thought should enter our minds and hearts to be dwelled on. You are the president of your life – how are you going to run it? Often we have ideas of how a president or CEO of a company should run the country or that business, but we aren’t there; we are here. How are we going to run our lives differently in 2017?

Faith – What’s your policy? What is your plan regarding your spiritual walk in 2017 and your life with Christ? Are you going to be more involved in church, commit to reading scripture, have that devotional time and grow in your faith?

Those are just some of the topics, but you are the President and the CEO of your life. You’re running it! God has given you a certain amount of autonomy and He’s placed you in charge of it under Him, committed to Him and His guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit and the word of God. Still, you can make choices and decisions and God will allow it. There will be a day of reckoning for all of us but we have been empowered by God to be stewards of our own life. I hope you make great choices and great decisions. I hope when you fill your cabinet that you bring the best and the brightest people around you to help encourage you and give sound wisdom and counsel so that you can have the best life ever.

Praying God’s best and His blessings over you!


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