It’s OK if….

What do I mean by “It’s ok if…”?  I want to touch on disappointment. Life has its ups and downs. Life has its setbacks, and disappointment is a part of it. Disappointment is a feeling of sadness and displeasure caused by the unfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations. I think in life, we have to let ourselves know, “it’s ok if…” Everyone has their fair share of disappointments. It’s ok if…I didn’t get that promotion. It’s ok if…I didn’t get into my favorite college. It’s ok if…I didn’t get that job I really wanted. It’s ok if… you’re not accepted in the “In” crowd at school or work. It’s ok that what I was hoping for or expecting didn’t happen.

You have to be able to tell yourself, it’s ok. That doesn’t mean you lose your sense of purpose, lose your vision, stop striving for your goals or stop being a driven person in a healthy way in order to achieve what is best and most possible for your life. It doesn’t mean you sell yourself short. I think a healthy attitude is being able to let yourself know, it’s ok.

Do you remember being in a grocery store with your parent as a kid, really wanting that candy, and if they didn’t buy it for you, it wasn’t ok? What do children do when something isn’t ok? They throw a temper tantrum. They tend to pout. That doesn’t work too well as adults, now does it?  If you’re not getting your way in your marriage, in friendships, at work, at church or at school, you can’t go through life throwing temper tantrums or pouting. You have to preach to yourself sometimes and let yourself know it’s ok.

Disappointment can become His appointment. There is deep theology in that statement. Disappointments in life can become an opportunity for a divine appointment by God. We shouldn’t look at things on the surface, and instead see the bigger picture. We have to believe that God is in control. Frederick Faber once said, “There are not disappointments to those whose wills are buried in the will of God.” There are no disappointments in life when your ultimate desire is to do the will of God, and for His will to be ultimately performed in your life.

Sometimes we prematurely judge a situation and assume it will not turn out in our favor. But, we don’t know the full story. That is where God comes in. Another quote I like is “Disappointment is often the salt of life.” If we look at it that way, I think we can allow whatever disappointment to become a divine appointment.

Dion Moody said, “Trust in yourself and you’re doomed to disappointment. Trust in your friends and they’ll die and leave you. Trust in reputation and some slanderous tongue may blast it. But trust in God and you are to never be confounded in time or eternity.”  I like that.

Martin Luther King gave a similar testimony when he said, “I’ve held many things in my hands and I have lost them all but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, I still possess.”  I think that is a good reminder. Take your dreams, goals, and aspirations and lay them on the altar. Let God know that it is His will, not yours, that be done. Let Him know you believe this is what He wants in your life and what He wants you to achieve, and that you’ll give it your best with all of the ability He has given you. It isn’t by your power, but by His spirit. And if at the end of the day you come up short, it’s ok. You know ultimately He is in control. That’s not a defeatist mentality or fatalist mentality. After you have given your best, given your all, and trusted in God with all of your heart, whatever the outcome is, you can live with it.

Some people have some real disappointments. Their marriage has failed, or they proposed and were told no, and they go through life so discouraged and disappointed. You have to allow the Lord to pick you up and pick yourself up with His help and have this attitude – It’s OK if I don’t get my way. It’s ok if you disagree with me today because I can’t force you to be right.

I hope this helps you think about the big picture in your life and what God’s doing.

Have a great week! God Bless!


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