Life Doesn’t Bend

Life is a tough schoolmaster. It tends to repeat the same lessons over and over again until we get it right. The sooner we learn the life lesson, the quicker we can move on. I believe that the challenges we face repeat themselves because life is a test. It’s a lesson that has to be learned. Until we learn it, we will keep on visiting it.

Life doesn’t bend. It doesn’t give. Life isn’t flexible. That’s one of the reasons I believe Jesus said in John 16:33 “In this world, you’ll have trouble, but be brave. I defeated the world.” I love this translation.  I’m going to give you a real nugget here. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is this: If you change before you’re forced to change, things will be much easier in life. Do you hear that?  Some of the problems in our lives will continue to intensify until change occurs. Until we initiate the change with God’s help, our persistent money problems, marriage problems, health problems, spiritual problems will persist. We must realize that and make the necessary changes in order to bring about new outcomes and results in our life.

The problem is we trick ourselves into thinking that the pain of staying the same is better than the pain associated with change. There is pain in change. We defend the status quo, so we continue to perpetuate the status quo in our lives. As Jesus said, problems or troubles are to be faced bravely and with a new perspective that Jesus has defeated our worst enemy which is death itself! Without the fear of death, what could be possible? Without the ultimate failure, what could be possible in this life?

Here’s another nugget I want to share: Have you ever heard the term “complementary opposites”? Chinese philosophers interpret this one way, but we want to apply it from a Biblical perspective. God created complementary opposites in the world. For example: light and darkness, cold and heat, night and day. All of these are complimentary opposites. You’ll probably end up marrying someone one day, or if you are already married, you may be married to someone who is a complimentary opposite of yourself because opposites attract. This is the design which God created our world. God has predesigned, in his creation, these complimentary opposites.

So what does that mean in our lives?  For every bad thing that may have happened, or every bad thing you may be going through right now, there is a complimentary opposite by the way of God’s grace.  On the flip side of that, good can come out of it. Underneath every weakness that we struggle with as humans, there’s a strength waiting to come to the forefront.  Behind your consistent marital conflict is deeper intimacy. On the other side of your money issue is financial freedom.

We have to look for the complimentary opposite and move towards the unforced changes in our life. Most people only change when it’s too late. Or, they only change when it’s thrust upon them. Wisdom dictates, and scripture teaches that we should change before we are forced to change. Begin to see the problems in your life as a pathway to greater potential. If we see them with a new perspective, we can get ahead of the curve. 

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is this life is if you change before you’re forced to change, things will be much easier.

Remember, life doesn’t bend, so we need to be flexible.

Go out and win today! God’s on your side.

God Bless,


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