Owner’s Mentality

Wishing all of you a happy Holy Week! This is an important time for millions of Christians around the world. For those of you that may not know, the time from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday is called Holy Week. The most significant events of mankind occurred during this time period 2000 years ago. This was the final week of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, leading up to Good Friday, and then Resurrection Sunday this Easter Sunday.  I am so excited for this weekend. Hopefully, you are in a good church. If not, we invite you to be a part of Trinity Church this weekend.

Today I want to talk to you about the difference between ownership and renting, or what I call –  an ownership mentality.  The other day I was driving through my neighborhood and saw a sign in front of someone’s home that read “For Rent.”  The Holy Spirit impressed in my heart, making me think about someone who owns a home vs someone who rents a home.  A person that owns a home has a huge buy in. They have a 15-30 year mortgage. A person that is a renter has a 6-month to 1-year lease. So in 6 months or a year, they can be gone. They don’t have any ties or commitment to that home any longer.  It got me thinking that many people go through life with a renter’s mentality instead of an owner’s mentality.  See, when you have an owner’s mentality, you approach life differently. You tend to treat things differently. Someone who owns their home will treat that abode differently than someone renting a home.  We all should know that if you ever buy a pre-owned automobile – never purchase a car that was a rental! The reason being – people beat up rental cars because they will be returning them to the rental business in a day or two.

In life, we want to make sure we have an owner’s mentality.  When people show up to work, not because they have a job, but because they have a calling, they are not showing up with a renter’s mentality. No, they have a sense of ownership and feel empowered. When we have a sense of ownership, we have a higher level of buy-in.  Gallup did some research and found that only 13% of employees are actually engaged in their work, show a sense of accountability, and are highly motivated. How are we getting anything done in America?

Those who are highly engaged have a sense of ownership. You notice someone who walks around a campus or a church when they have a sense of ownership; they don’t do just enough to get by. These people treat that place as if they had part ownership in it. We know that ultimately God is the owner of everything, and yet we are stewards and God has entrusted ownership to us.  As Christ followers, we live with that sense of mission and purpose.

Here is the difference between Owners and Renters:

  • Owners prepare and prevent; Renters repair and repent.
  • Owners accept responsibility and accountability for their results; Renters just give excuses.
  • Owners come with solutions; Renters only give suggestions.
  • Owners have a mission and passion; Renters only have a job.

An owner gets to open up two gifts every morning: their two eyes!  They wake up and approach life with a sense of mission and excitement.

As a pastor, I appreciate church members who have a sense of ownership and not a renter’s mentality. You can’t build a great work that’s influencing the community and winning people to Jesus if you have a staff and membership of renters. Do you see what I am saying? A renter will be in a church for 6 months to a year, and then they’re looking for greener pastures. But someone who has an owner’s mentality is there for decades. Their family becomes a generational family in that church. They are the ones who continue to push vision and mission forward.

I want to encourage each of you out there today to have an ownership mentality. When you enter into your marriage relationship, you aren’t a renter who is there for 6 months or a 3-year lease; it’s for eternity! Enter into your friendships with an owner’s mentality.  I hope you have an ownership mentality throughout life.

Go out and win! You are God’s Best,


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