Almost Isn’t Good Enough

I want to talk to you today about when “Almost Isn’t Good Enough.”  When I use the word “almost,” what does that word do for you?  The word itself means “very nearly.”  Ex: In this last Super Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons almost won. But, almost isn’t good enough.

Here’s what’s interesting: in 4000+ years of biblical history, “almost” only appears in the Bible 11 times.  It’s not a word that is used a lot by God’s people.

I think “almost isn’t good enough” is one of the most important phrases in our life. I think too many people live in what I call the “almost syndrome.” It causes us to fall short of our achievements and of acquiring our very best in life. How many people say, “I almost applied for that promotion but then I talked myself out of it”?  How many people have said, “I almost finished my degree but then life just happened”? How many have said, “I almost landed that perfect job” or “I almost got married”? God wants us to go all the way! Almost isn’t good enough in achieving God’s best for our lives. It’s the tyranny of almost.

We can’t live our life on “almost.” We must tell ourselves it’s not good enough. Even the great Apostle Paul didn’t say, “I almost fought the good fight. I almost kept the faith. I almost finished my race.” No, he went all the way.   I think one of the saddest verses in the Bible is King Agrippa speaking to the Apostle Paul in Acts 26:28. “You almost persuaded me to become a Christian.” Well, King Agrippa, almost wasn’t good enough!  It never really is. Our spiritual heritage isn’t to be lived in such a way where we say, “well, almost.” No, almost isn’t good enough.

If we are going to see our dreams come to fruition, then we need to become individuals that don’t settle for almost. We need to be people who go all the way.

What’s it going to take for you to finish your goal? Almost isn’t good enough. So, you say, “I almost applied for that promotion, but I talked myself out of it.” Ok, so next time that opportunity comes your way, what will you do differently?

Maybe you’re at that stage in your life where you almost finished your degree, but then life started to happen. Alright, is it still a goal? Do you believe your life would feel more accomplished if you finished that degree? Then go all the way! If not, and you’re satisfied where you’re at, then write it off and move on to the next goal.

For the person that said they almost got married once – what happened? Was it on your end or theirs? Did things just not work out? Is there something in your life you feel is missing? What would you do differently next time? Do you want there to be a next time?

Here’s what I want to encourage today: select something in your life that you almost achieved – a goal or dream you were pursuing – whatever it might be. It could be related to your health, finances, spiritual or relational. What’s the thing that you almost achieved? Now look at it and ask – what 3 things could I do in my life that could help me move toward the achievement of that goal? Because almost isn’t good enough.

I want to encourage you today to Go All The Way!  Make the adjustments that need to be made and begin to nail down the definable action steps that could move you towards accomplishing it so you can be one of those people that say, “All the way, not almost!” Let this thought stir around in you and motivate you.

Have a great week!

God Bless,


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