Almost Isn’t Good Enough

How many people look at their dreams and goals for their lives, and say, “Well, I almost achieved that goal” or “I almost saw the realization of that dream”? Almost isn’t good enough. The world is full of almost people. They almost achieved their financial goal. They almost achieved their health goal. They almost achieve their relationship goal. I believe that you are a person that’s set apart from the rest; you don’t run with the pack. Anyone can come to the end of the year, or the end of their life for that matter, and talk about all the things that they almost accomplished. There’s a guy in the book of Acts named King Agrippa. He stood before the Apostle Paul one day as Paul preached a powerful message. He shared his testimony. It was so inspirational, so moving, so personal and powerful that the king said, “Almost Paul you persuade me to become a Christian.” King Agrippa was an “almost person”, but almost is never good enough. God doesn’t want you to almost realize your dreams or almost understand His plan for your life. He doesn’t want you to almost get that dream job or almost secure that commitment that you promised yourself you were going to live up to.

Did you almost go on that dream vacation? Why haven’t you? Plan for it. Prepare for it. It may take a few years of saving money, but do it! Don’t get to the edge of your dreams or your goals and then have to pull away! I’m reading through the Book of Numbers in my devotional reading in Scripture, and the children of Israel almost entered the Promised Land. Well, almost isn’t good enough. They got to the very edge of the Promised Land, and then they chickened out. They saw how big the walled cities were and how formidable the walls were around those cities. They saw how big the people were; the people were giants in the land, even saying, “We appeared as grasshoppers to them, and so we look that way to them.” They saw themselves as grasshoppers, and so the enemies of God saw them as grasshoppers. There’s a great principle in life: the way you see yourself is the way others will see you!

I don’t believe you’re an almost person. I believe you’re an all-the-way person! When it comes to work, business, or school, you don’t almost pass that course. You pass it! You don’t almost pass that test; you keep taking it until you do. Why? Because you’re not an almost is good enough you’re an all-the-way person! You go all the way until you achieve and accomplish the things that God has put in your heart. Never get to the place where you resign yourself by saying, “Well I almost achieved that goal.” No! If you have to start over, start over! If you have to begin again, begin again! If you have to adjust yourself or adjust your goals, then do whatever it takes. Don’t be an almost person! There are enough almost people in the world, but as an all-the-way person, you will achieve and succeed in reaching your goals. You need to be a follow-through person. You need to be a person that’s a good closer, a good finisher, and not just a good starter. Maybe you’ve resigned to say almost is good enough. What’s the old saying? “Almost is only good enough in horseshoes and hand grenades.” Well, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I know almost is never good enough when it comes to your life and the things that you must accomplish before your time is up! We’re allowed only so much time on this side of eternity! So, be an all-the-way person in your relationships, at church, in school, in business, in sales. You don’t want to say, “Well, I almost got that big account. I almost closed that big sale.” No, be tenacious. Be relentless. Be an all the way person.

You’re God’s Best


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