What Is Your Mentality?

Today I want to talk to you about why size matters. If you’ve been to a beach, and you’ve seen that massive body of water, you know what an experience it is to get into the ocean. When you’re in the ocean, there are some really big creatures inside. You step into their world. You don’t know what’s in there, you don’t know what’s down there, and it’s not a very comfortable feeling being in that large body of water. I heard once that a fish will grow based on the size of the aquarium that it’s placed in. So, big ocean, big fish; smaller body of water, smaller fish. The size of the aquarium restricts the growth of the fish. There is a certain size of fish in a pond, lake, or ocean. When it comes to your life, you could be in an environment that’s restricting your growth. You could be in a school right now that’s limiting you. You could be in a relationship, or a job, or a church that either expands or restricts your opportunities for growth.

The question is what type of aquarium do you find yourself in today? Your environment, or the places you frequent, may be restricting your growth, your expansion, your breaking free, and everything that God has intended you to be. We need to make sure that we are intentionally placing ourselves in growth zones and environments, situations that challenge our thinking, places that challenge what we believe to be true about God, about the world, and about ourselves. God wants your aquarium to be enlarged! He doesn’t want you to be in a fishbowl. He doesn’t want you to have a fishbowl mentality. Many times in life, we start out in a fishbowl and then maybe graduate to a pond, and then to a lake. But, hopefully, we’ll all end up in the vast ocean of possibilities of what God can do in you and through you.

I’m thankful for every church that lifts up Jesus and preaches the word, but I am also thankful for small churches. The average church in America is around 80 to 150 members. God bless every Pastor and those who serve in small churches. They’re the backbone of the body of Christ around the world. Every large church started off as a small church, so let’s give a shout out to small churches, but don’t misunderstand what I’m about to say. One of the benefits to being in a larger church is that you’re exposed. Your thinking, your view, your perspective can be enlarged through the people who are attending and serving in a larger church. Even though you may be in a small city, or going to a community college, you can still allow your perspective to be challenged through reading, seeking out mentors, or through other situations or people that can help challenge you to grow. I’m excited about Trinity Church and this new season that we’re in!

I’m thrilled that starting this Wednesday night, we are launching a new emphasis on spiritual growth and development. We can worship together on the weekends at Trinity, but on Wednesday nights we can begin to grow together as a church! We’re going to have so many opportunities for spiritual growth and development for everyone. We want to expand our aquarium. We want to enlarge your mental environment. We want to challenge your thinking and your beliefs. Sometimes you may have disempowering beliefs that you have picked up along the way, and we want to get you out of your aquarium thinking, out of your pond thinking, and we want you to begin to think BIG thoughts – thoughts that God has for you and your life. I’m pumped! I’m thrilled! I’m excited about all that’s going to be offered, starting this Wednesday night, for men, women, and young people from A to Z. Based on your interest and your need, we’re going to have something for you. So remember, on the weekends we worship together, but on Wednesday nights we grow together. We want to create a growth environment that will help take you to the next level that God has for you! Size matters. So think not with a pond mentality, but with an ocean mentality! Think God’s thoughts that He has for you, and I hope to see you not only this weekend, but starting tomorrow, Wednesday night, at Trinity Church! It’s going to be an exciting new season this fall!

You’re God’s Best


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