What Is Your Victory Formation?

It’s football season! Often there’s something a team will do at the end of the first half or end of the game – the quarterback takes a knee. When a quarterback takes a knee, what is he doing? It’s called the “victory formation”, meaning he’s running out the clock because game is already in the bag and the team is waiting to celebrate! And if you think about it, that “victory formation” has deep theological meaning for us as Christians, as well.

Paul the Apostle said in Ephesians 3:14, “…for this cause I bow my knee…” What does it mean to bow our knee before the Lord Jesus Christ? If you ever watch medieval movies, or the show Vikings on the History Channel, you may have noticed that anytime someone pledges their fealty to the king, they bend the knee. It is one of the most important, most empowering positions for us in life to bend the knee before the Lord Jesus Christ and pledge our fealty, our love, and our devotion. We pledge our sword (our life) to Him and His cause.

A few years back, there was a trend in our country called “Tebowing,” named after quarterback Tim Tebow. He would take a knee after scoring a touchdown, symbolizing his humility and thankfulness before God. In life, I think we could learn some powerful lessons from taking a knee. At work when everybody else is taking credit, you can be the person to take a knee because you’re showing your humility and your dependence on God. When others are taking sides in a controversy, our best response is to take a knee because as Paul said, “for this cause I bow my knee before the Lord Jesus Christ.” I don’t think there’s a more spiritually empowering moment in life than when we bow our knee before the Lord, expressing our dependency and our humility on Him. Maybe things are a bit difficult in your life, in your marriage, in your relationship, or even with the Lord. Maybe it’s your relationship with your kids, your friend, or a co-worker. Sometimes we stand too tall in our own strength. We need to remind ourselves that our ultimate dependency is upon God. And if we humble ourselves before Him, He is faithful to empower us, to bless us, to elevate us, to lift us, and to promote us.

In the kingdom of God, the way up is the first the way down. So what’s your victory formation today? What’s your victory formation every day? We can learn from the Apostle Paul and the great men and women in the Bible who are our examples of how to bend the knee and bow our heart before God. They did this no matter what opposition, what circumstances, what battle, what attack, or what the enemy was trying to do. When you bend your knee and bow your heart to pledge your fealty to the Lord Jesus Christ, you are in the victory formation.

You’re God’s Best


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